Chapter 287A  Local Government Borrowing

Administration Of Bonds

§ 287A.300 Terms and conditions of bond sales
§ 287A.310 Definitions for ORS 287A.310 and 287A.315
§ 287A.315 Pledge of full faith and credit and taxing power
§ 287A.325 Covenants of public bodies regarding pledges
§ 287A.335 Agreements for exchange of interest rates
§ 287A.339 Termination payment of conduit borrower
§ 287A.340 Credit enhancement devices
§ 287A.343 Public body purchase of own bonds

Refunding Bonds

§ 287A.360 Current refunding bonds
§ 287A.365 Advance refunding bonds and forward current refunding
§ 287A.370 Proposed refunding plan for advance refunding bonds or forward current refunding
§ 287A.375 Maximum amount of advance refunding bonds
§ 287A.380 Tax levy to pay maturing general obligation advance refunding bonds

Warrants And Checks; Interest; Unclaimed Warrants And Checks; Master Warrants

§ 287A.472 Interest on municipal warrants not paid on presentation
§ 287A.474 Warrants and checks more than two years old
§ 287A.482 Definitions for ORS 287A.482 to 287A.488
§ 287A.484 Master warrant procedure authorized if warrants would be not paid
§ 287A.486 Procedure
§ 287A.488 Taxes must be levied for payment of claims included in master warrant

Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commission

§ 287A.630 Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commission
§ 287A.632 Meetings
§ 287A.634 Powers and duties of commission
§ 287A.640 Notice to commission of proposed issues