Chapter 286A  State Borrowing


§ 286A.001 Definitions for ORS chapter 286A

Duties Of State Treasurer

§ 286A.005 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.010 Information required by State Treasurer
§ 286A.014 Fees and expenses of State Treasurer
§ 286A.015 Payment of expenses of State Treasurer
§ 286A.016 Disposition of charges

Authority For Borrowing

§ 286A.025 Issuance and sale of bonds
§ 286A.035 Bond budget authorization
§ 286A.045 Borrowing for current expenses
§ 286A.050 Short Term Borrowing Account
§ 286A.055 Report by State Treasurer on amount of bonds issued, amounts repaid, costs and interest earned
§ 286A.056 Cancellation or postponement of scheduled issuance of bonds
§ 286A.095 Compliance with constitutional or statutory debt limit

Administration Of Bonds

§ 286A.100 Definitions for ORS 286A.100 and 286A.102
§ 286A.102 Lien of a pledge
§ 286A.110 Agreements for exchange of interest rates
§ 286A.118 Termination payment of conduit borrower
§ 286A.120 Credit enhancement devices
§ 286A.123 Agency purchase of own bonds
§ 286A.130 Bond counsel services
§ 286A.132 Debt-related advisory services

Lottery Bonds

§ 286A.560 Definitions for ORS 286A.560 to 286A.585 and 327.700 to 327.711
§ 286A.563 Purposes
§ 286A.566 Requirements for legislation authorizing lottery bonds
§ 286A.570 Lottery Bond Fund
§ 286A.573 Lottery Bond Administrative Fund
§ 286A.576 Allocation of lottery moneys for lottery bonds
§ 286A.578 Litigation challenging legality of Oregon State Lottery
§ 286A.580 Issuance of lottery bonds

Private Activity Bonds

§ 286A.605 Definitions for ORS 286A.605 to 286A.625
§ 286A.615 Private Activity Bond Committee
§ 286A.620 Private activity bond volume cap
§ 286A.625 State Treasurer to maintain records
§ 286A.630 Reallocation of private activity bond cap

Baccalaureate Bonds

§ 286A.700 Authority to issue baccalaureate bonds

Water Power Bonds

§ 286A.710 Definitions for ORS 286A.710 to 286A.720
§ 286A.712 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.714 Article XI-D Bond Fund
§ 286A.716 Article XI-D Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.718 Renewable Energy Fund
§ 286A.720 Budget request

Pension Liability Bonds

§ 286A.730 Definitions for ORS 286A.730 to 286A.750
§ 286A.735 Authority of State Treasurer to issue pension liability bonds
§ 286A.740 Article XI-O Bond Fund
§ 286A.745 Article XI-O Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.750 Terms and conditions of pension liability bonds

Seismic Rehabilitation Bonds

(Public Education Buildings)

§ 286A.760 Definitions for ORS 286A.760 to 286A.772
§ 286A.762 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.764 Article XI-M Bond Fund
§ 286A.766 Article XI-M Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.768 Education Seismic Fund
§ 286A.772 Payment of bond-related costs

(Emergency Services Buildings)

§ 286A.780 Definitions for ORS 286A.780 to 286A.792
§ 286A.782 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.784 Article XI-N Bond Fund
§ 286A.786 Article XI-N Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.788 Emergency Services Seismic Fund
§ 286A.792 Payment of bond-related costs

School Capital Matching Bonds

§ 286A.796 Definitions for ORS 286A.796 to 286A.806
§ 286A.798 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.800 School capital matching bond program
§ 286A.802 Article XI-P Bond Fund
§ 286A.804 Article XI-P Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.806 School Capital Matching Fund
§ 286A.810 LEED certification of school projects financed with Article XI-P bonds

Article Xi Q Bonds

§ 286A.816 Definitions for ORS 286A.816 to 286A.826
§ 286A.818 Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds
§ 286A.820 Article XI-Q Bond Fund
§ 286A.822 Article XI-Q Bond Administration Fund
§ 286A.824 Article XI-Q bond program
§ 286A.826 Budgeting for Article XI-Q project costs