Chapter 285B  Economic Development II

Business Development Projects

§ 285B.050 Definitions for ORS 285B.050 to 285B.098
§ 285B.053 Borrowing money from Oregon Business Development Fund
§ 285B.056 Fees
§ 285B.059 Conditions for commission approval of project
§ 285B.062 Loan contract
§ 285B.065 Loans in distressed areas exempt from security and collateral requirements
§ 285B.068 Payment of moneys for project

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Boost Account Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 285 B.068)

§ 285B.080 Director as agent
§ 285B.081 Repayment and collection
§ 285B.083 Use of refinancing and other financial assistance for repayment
§ 285B.086 Authorization to lend funds for joint governmental projects or match money
§ 285B.089 Loan contract
§ 285B.092 Oregon Business Development Fund
§ 285B.093 Oregon Targeted Development Account
§ 285B.098 Status of loan to county or municipality

Capital Access Program

§ 285B.109 Definitions for ORS 285B.109 to 285B.119
§ 285B.111 Purpose of ORS 285B.109 to 285B.119
§ 285B.113 Contracts with financial institutions to participate in program
§ 285B.115 Loss reserve accounts
§ 285B.117 Enrollment of qualified loan in program
§ 285B.118 Claims for reimbursement of losses
§ 285B.119 Capital Access Fund

Small Business Development


§ 285B.120 Oregon Small Business Development Act
§ 285B.123 Purpose

(Small Business Development Centers)

§ 285B.165 Purpose of ORS 285B.165 to 285B.171
§ 285B.168 Grants
§ 285B.171 Short title


§ 285B.174 Programs to assist businesses in procuring government contracts and grants

Microenterprise Development

§ 285B.178 Definitions for Microenterprise Development Act
§ 285B.179 Purposes of Microenterprise Development Act
§ 285B.186 Short title

Credit Enhancement Fund

§ 285B.200 Definitions for ORS 285B.200 to 285B.218
§ 285B.203 Purpose of Credit Enhancement Fund
§ 285B.206 Duties of department
§ 285B.209 Fees and terms for loan and credit guarantees
§ 285B.215 Credit Enhancement Fund
§ 285B.218 Pledge to assure repayment

Local Economic Development

§ 285B.230 Local economic development strategy
§ 285B.233 Legislative findings
§ 285B.236 Guidelines for local economic development strategies
§ 285B.260 Local Economic Opportunity Fund
§ 285B.266 Strategic Reserve Fund

Industry Development Projects

§ 285B.280 Definition of traded sector
§ 285B.283 Policy
§ 285B.286 Industry development activities
§ 285B.290 Industry Competitiveness Fund

State Revenue Bonds For Industrial, Commercial, Solid Waste Disposal, Research And Development Uses

§ 285B.320 Purpose of ORS 285B.320 to 285B.371
§ 285B.323 Definitions for ORS 285B.320 to 285B.371
§ 285B.326 Request for issuance of bonds
§ 285B.329 Review of project by commission
§ 285B.335 Powers of department
§ 285B.338 Powers of commission
§ 285B.341 Limitation on state power
§ 285B.344 Issuance of bonds

Infrastructure Projects


§ 285B.410 Definitions for ORS 285B.410 to 285B.482
§ 285B.413 Legislative findings
§ 285B.419 Administration of Special Public Works Fund

(Municipal Development Projects)

§ 285B.422 Funding to municipalities for development projects

(Assistance From Special Public Works Fund)

§ 285B.428 Application for funds
§ 285B.437 Contract with municipality
§ 285B.440 Primary use of moneys in fund
§ 285B.449 Effect of failure to comply or default
§ 285B.455 Special Public Works Fund
§ 285B.458 Grants for assistance to distressed or rural areas
§ 285B.460 Funding and assistance for planning projects
§ 285B.462 Funding and assistance for emergency projects

(Revenue Bond Financing)

§ 285B.467 Eligibility for revenue bond financing
§ 285B.470 Powers of authority
§ 285B.473 Issuance of revenue bonds
§ 285B.476 Application of law to revenue bonds
§ 285B.479 Nature of revenue bonds
§ 285B.482 Revenue bonds as parity bonds

Infrastructure Projects For Southern Oregon

§ 285B.500 Purpose of ORS 285B.500 to 285B.512
§ 285B.503 Oregon Unified International Trade Fund
§ 285B.506 Grant agreements
§ 285B.509 Agreements between primary sponsor and United States
§ 285B.512 End of lottery allocations upon certification by administrator of authority
§ 285B.515 Primary sponsor and project sponsor defined

Lottery Bonds For Infrastructure Projects

§ 285B.530 Definitions for ORS 285B.530 to 285B.548
§ 285B.533 Issuance of infrastructure lottery bonds
§ 285B.548 Amount of infrastructure lottery bonds
§ 285B.551 Issuance of additional lottery bonds

Safe Drinking Water Projects


§ 285B.560 Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599
§ 285B.563 Water Fund
§ 285B.566 Use of receipts
§ 285B.569 When constitutional restrictions apply to use of certain funds

(Revenue Bond Financing Of Safe Drinking Water Projects)

§ 285B.572 Eligibility of project for revenue bond financing
§ 285B.575 Issuance of revenue bonds
§ 285B.578 Nature of revenue bonds
§ 285B.581 Repayment plans
§ 285B.584 Powers of authority
§ 285B.587 Deposit and use of bond proceeds
§ 285B.590 Other forms of financial assistance
§ 285B.593 Technical assistance grants and loans

(Oregon Business Retention And Expansion Program)

(Temporary Provisions Relating To Oregon Business Retention And Expansion Program Are Compiled As Notes Following Ors 285 B.599)

Entrepreneurial Development

§ 285B.740 Legislative intent
§ 285B.743 Application for entrepreneurial development loan
§ 285B.746 Conditions required for loan approval
§ 285B.749 Additional conditions for loan approval
§ 285B.758 Oregon Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund

Note: 285 A.010 Contains Definitions For Ors Chapter 285 B.