Chapter 205  County Clerks

General Provisions

§ 205.010 Definitions

Powers And Duties

§ 205.110 General powers and duties of county clerk
§ 205.125 County Clerk Lien Record
§ 205.126 Enforcement of order or warrant recorded in County Clerk Lien Record
§ 205.127 Recording in County Clerk Lien Record required for certain liens
§ 205.130 Recording duties of county clerk
§ 205.135 Preparation of true copy of document not sufficiently legible to reproduce readable photographic record
§ 205.140 Transcript or copy of record as evidence
§ 205.150 Seal of clerk

Collection And Disposition Of Fees

§ 205.320 Fees collected by county clerk
§ 205.323 Additional fees for recording certain instruments
§ 205.327 Penalty for presenting nonstandard instruments for recording
§ 205.350 Fees for approving and recording plats
§ 205.360 Clerk to receipt and account for certain probate fees collected
§ 205.365 Disposition of County Clerk Lien Record fees
§ 205.370 Payment to and disposition of trial fees by court clerk
§ 205.395 Payment of fees by state agencies for entry in County Clerk Lien Record