2011 ORS § 79.0518¹
UCC 9-518. Claim concerning inaccurate or wrongfully filed record

(1) A person may file in the filing office a correction statement with respect to a record indexed there under the persons name if the person believes that the record is inaccurate or was wrongfully filed.

(2) A correction statement must:

(a) Identify the record to which it relates by the file number assigned to the initial financing statement to which the record relates;

(b) Indicate that it is a correction statement;

(c) Provide the basis for the persons belief that the record is inaccurate and indicate the manner in which the person believes the record should be amended to cure any inaccuracy or provide the basis for the persons belief that the record was wrongfully filed; and

(d) Indicate the name of the debtor and the secured party.

(3) The filing of a correction statement does not affect the effectiveness of an initial financing statement or other filed record. [2001 c.445 §89]