2013 ORS § 743.086¹
Additional requirements for third party contracts

(1) A contract between a third party and a contracting entity or between two third parties with respect to a provider network contract must comply with this section and ORS 743.085 (Third party contracts for leasing of provider panels).

(2)(a) A third party shall inform the contracting entity and providers under a contracting entitys provider network contract of a website, toll-free number or other readily available mechanism to identify the names of all third parties to which the third party provides access to the health care services and discounted rates of a provider under the provider network contract.

(b) The third party shall update the website described in paragraph (a) of this subsection at least every 90 days to reflect all third parties currently provided access. Upon request, the third party shall make the information available to a provider via telephone or through direct notification.

(3) A provider may refuse to accept as payment in full a discounted payment made by a third party under the terms of a provider network contract if there is no valid contractual basis for the discount or the discount is taken in violation of this section or ORS 743.085 (Third party contracts for leasing of provider panels). [2011 c.561 §5]

Note: See note under 743.082 (Selling and leasing of provider panels by contracting entity).