2013 ORS § 742.518¹
Definitions for ORS 742.518 to 742.542

As used in ORS 742.518 (Definitions for ORS 742.518 to 742.542) to 742.542 (Effect of personal injury protection benefits paid):

(1) Evaluation services means physical examinations or reviews of medical records of beneficiaries conducted at the request of an insurer by either an employee of the insurer or a third-party medical record or bill review service to determine whether the provision or continuation of medical services is necessary or reasonable.

(2) Managed care services means any system of health care delivery that attempts to control or coordinate use of health care services in order to contain health care expenditures or improve quality of health care services.

(3) Motor vehicle means a self-propelled land motor vehicle or trailer, other than:

(a) A farm-type tractor or other self-propelled equipment designed for use principally off public roads, while not upon public roads;

(b) A vehicle operated on rails or crawler-treads; or

(c) A vehicle located for use as a residence or premises.

(4) Motorcycle and moped have the meanings given those terms in ORS 801.345 (Moped) and 801.365 (Motorcycle).

(5) Occupying means in, or upon, or entering into or alighting from.

(6) Pedestrian means a person while not occupying a self-propelled vehicle other than a wheelchair or a similar low-powered motorized or mechanically propelled vehicle that is designed specifically for use by a person with a physical disability and that is determined to be medically necessary for the occupant of the wheelchair or other low-powered vehicle.

(7) Personal injury protection benefits means the benefits described in ORS 742.518 (Definitions for ORS 742.518 to 742.542) to 742.542 (Effect of personal injury protection benefits paid).

(8) Private passenger motor vehicle means a four-wheel passenger or station wagon type motor vehicle not used as a public or livery conveyance, and includes any other four-wheel motor vehicle of the utility, pickup body, sedan delivery or panel truck type not used for wholesale or retail delivery other than farming, a self-propelled mobile home and a farm truck.

(9) Proof of loss means documentation that allows an insurer to determine whether a person is entitled to personal injury protection benefits and the amount of any benefit that is due.

(10) Provider has the meaning given that term in ORS 743.801 (Definitions). [2005 c.465 §2; 2007 c.70 §318; 2007 c.692 §1]