2011 ORS § 7.240¹
Records in probate matters

The proceedings in probate matters shall be entered and recorded by the clerk or court administrator in the following records:

(1) A register, in which shall be entered a memorandum of all official business transacted by the court or judge thereof pertaining to the estate of each decedent, under the name of the decedent, and that pertaining to each protective proceeding under ORS chapter 125, under the name of the protected person.

(2) A probate index, in which shall be kept an index of all the entries in the register under the names of the persons to whose estate, person or business the entries relate, which names shall be arranged chronologically in alphabetical order. [Amended by 1973 c.823 §84; 1975 c.588 §17; 1985 c.540 §12; 1995 c.664 §68]