2013 ORS § 660.333¹
Use of workforce investment funds
  • one-stop delivery system services

(1) The State Workforce Investment Board shall advise the Governor as required under section 2821 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and on matters pertaining to the use of funds under section 2864 of the federal Act.

(2) As a part of the core services required by section 2864(d)(2)(E)(i) of the federal Act, the one-stop delivery system, as described in section 2864(c) of the federal Act, shall provide timely listings of all job opportunities, consistent with statute or rule, to a participant immediately upon application by the participant for services offered by the one-stop delivery system.

(3) Intensive services offered by the one-stop delivery system may include drug and alcohol rehabilitative services meeting minimum standards established pursuant to ORS 430.357 (Minimum standards).

(4) Local workforce investment boards shall determine whether funds will be used as provided in section 2864(e)(3) of the federal Act.

(5) Participants may receive training in accordance with section 2864 of the federal Act. In addition, a participant who is employed in a subsidized or unsubsidized job and who needs training may receive an individual training account that allows the participant to choose among training providers, except as provided in section 2864(d)(4)(G)(ii) of the federal Act.

(6) Any funds expended under ORS 660.300 (Definitions for ORS 660.300 to 660.364) to 660.364 (Financial incentives and comprehensive strategies to promote green economy and green technology and innovation) shall be from funds appropriated by the Legislative Assembly or within any expenditure limitations placed on federal funds by the Legislative Assembly. [Formerly 411.932; 2011 c.673 §41]