2011 ORS § 657A.190¹
Criteria for renewal of program
  • reallocation of funds

(1) The criteria for the renewal of a resource and referral program shall include the following:

(a) Current and continuous satisfactory performance as a resource and referral agency providing the full range of services required by ORS 657A.100 (Definition for ORS 657A.100 to 657A.190) to 657A.190 (Criteria for renewal of program).

(b) Full fiscal and program compliance with contract requirements established by the Child Care Division.

(c) Cost effectiveness.

(d) Extent and quality of service to the community.

(2) The division shall reallocate any funds made available through nonrenewal of a contract for resource and referral programs.

(3) Satisfactory contract performance by a resource and referral agency shall be a condition for the renewal of that contract in the subsequent fiscal year. [Formerly 418.363; 1995 c.278 §6]