2011 ORS § 657A.180¹
Advisory committee
  • members
  • duties of committee and Child Care Division

(1) There is created an advisory committee to advise the Child Care Division on the development and administration of child care resource and referral policies and practices. The advisory committee shall include but not be limited to three members of the Commission for Child Care. The Child Care Division shall, in consultation with the advisory committee, establish criteria for proposals, prepare requests for proposals, receive proposals and award grants for the establishment of resource and referral programs.

(2) The Child Care Division shall collect and report data concerning resource and referral programs.

(3) The local resource and referral agencies shall match grant funds in an amount not less than 10 percent of grant funds received. Matching financial support includes, but is not limited to, in-kind contributions.

(4) As used in this section, in-kind contributions means nonmonetary contributions that include but are not limited to:

(a) Provision of rent-free program space;

(b) Provision of utilities;

(c) Provision of custodial services;

(d) Provision of secretarial services;

(e) Provision of liability insurance or health insurance benefits;

(f) Administrative services; and

(g) Transportation services. [Formerly 418.358; 1995 c.278 §5; 2003 c.293 §7]