2011 ORS § 653.320¹
Employment of children under 14 years
  • exceptions

(1) No child under the age of 14 years shall be employed in any work, or labor of any form for wages or other compensation to whomsoever payable, during the term when the public schools of the town, district or city in which the child resides are in session.

(2) No child under 14 years of age shall be employed or permitted to work in, or in connection with, any factory, workshop, mercantile establishment, store, business office, restaurant, bakery, hotel or apartment house.

(3) The Wage and Hour Commission may allow children between the ages of 12 and 14 to be employed in any suitable work during any school vacation extending over a term of two weeks and may issue permits therefor. The commission shall exercise careful discretion as to the character of such employment and its effect on the physical and moral well-being of the child.

(4) Exceptions may be made by the Wage and Hour Commission exempting a minor or class of minors from the above provisions. The child so employed under this provision shall be given notice of confidential access to the Wage and Hour Commission. [Amended by 1971 c.625 §1]