2013 ORS § 646.957¹

(1) In accordance with any applicable provision of ORS chapter 183, the Director of Agriculture, not later than December 1, 1997, shall adopt rules to carry out the provisions of ORS 646.947 (Prohibited activities) to 646.963 (Civil penalties). Such rules may include, but are not limited to, motor vehicle fuel grade advertising, pump grade labeling, testing procedures, quality standards and identification requirements for motor vehicle fuels and ethanol, biodiesel and other renewable diesel, as those terms are defined in ORS 646.905 (Definitions for ORS 646.910 to 646.923). Rules adopted by the director under this section shall be consistent, to the extent the director considers appropriate, with the most recent standards adopted by ASTM International. As standards of ASTM International are revised, the director shall revise the rules in a manner consistent with the revisions unless the director determines that those revised rules will significantly interfere with the directors ability to carry out the provisions of ORS 646.947 (Prohibited activities) to 646.963 (Civil penalties). Rules adopted pursuant to this section must adequately protect confidential business information and trade secrets that the director or the directors authorized agent may discover when inspecting books, papers and records pursuant to ORS 646.955 (Records required).

(2) Testing requirements, specifications and frequency of testing for each production lot of biodiesel, biodiesel blend or other renewable diesel produced in or brought into this state shall be defined by the director by rule. [1997 c.310 §8; 2007 c.739 §11; 2013 c.1 §84]