2013 ORS § 646.955¹
Records required

(1) Each operator of a bulk facility and each person who imports motor vehicle fuels into this state for sale in this state shall keep, for at least one year, at the persons registered place of business complete and accurate records of any motor vehicle fuels sold if sold or delivered in this state, for purposes of showing compliance with ORS 646.947 (Prohibited activities) to 646.963 (Civil penalties).

(2) The Director of Agriculture, upon reasonable oral or written notice, may make such examinations of the books, papers, records and equipment required to be kept under this section as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of ORS 646.947 (Prohibited activities) to 646.963 (Civil penalties).

(3) Retail dealers and nonretail dealers shall maintain at their facilities the octane rating certification documentation for the three most recent deliveries to the facility for each grade of gasoline sold or offered for sale. [1997 c.310 §6]