2013 ORS § 646.836¹
Confidential status of investigative material
  • permitted disclosures
  • use of information in other proceedings
  • return of investigative material

(1) While in the possession of the Attorney General any documentary material, answers to interrogatories and transcripts of oral testimony shall be held in confidence and not disclosed to any person except:

(a) The person providing such material or answers;

(b) The representative or attorney of the person providing the material or answers;

(c) Persons employed by the Attorney General;

(d) Officials of the United States or any state who are authorized to enforce federal or state antitrust laws, provided that prior to such disclosure the Attorney General shall obtain the written agreement of such officials to abide by the confidentiality restriction of this section; and

(e) Other persons authorized in subsection (2) of this section.

(2) Any such material or answers may be used in any investigation conducted pursuant to ORS 646.705 (Definitions for ORS 136.617 and 646.705 to 646.805) to 646.826 (Counsel for persons testifying) or in any case or proceeding before a court or administrative agency, or may be disclosed to any committee or subcommittee of the Legislative Assembly in such manner and for such purposes as the Attorney General deems appropriate.

(3) Upon completion of a case brought under this section, the Attorney General shall return any such documents, answers and transcripts which have not passed into the control of the court through the introduction thereof into the records, to the person who provided such documents, answers or testimony upon the persons request in writing. If no case in which such material may be used has been commenced within a reasonable time after completion of the examination or analysis of all documentary material, but in no event later than four years after production thereof, the Attorney General shall, upon written request of the person who produced such material, return all documents, answers and transcripts to the person who provided them. [1977 c.729 §6; 1987 c.500 §1]