2013 ORS § 646.826¹
Counsel for persons testifying
  • grounds for refusing to answer questions
  • compelling testimony
  • exclusion of spectators

(1) Any person compelled to appear under a demand for oral testimony pursuant to ORS 646.750 (Investigative demand by Attorney General) may be accompanied, represented and advised by counsel with respect to any questions asked of such person. Such advice may be given in confidence.

(2) Such person may refuse to answer any question on grounds of any constitutional or other legal right or privilege, including the privilege against self-incrimination. Such person shall not otherwise refuse to answer any question.

(3) If such person refuses to answer any question on grounds of the privilege against self-incrimination, the testimony of the person may be compelled by the same procedure as provided in ORS 136.617 (Motion to compel witness who may be incriminated to testify).

(4) The antitrust investigator or investigators conducting the examination shall exclude from the place where examination is held all other persons except the person being examined, the counsel of the person, the officer before whom the testimony is to be taken and any stenographer taking the testimony. [1977 c.729 §4]