2011 ORS § 585.120¹
Record to be kept by wholesale dealer for commission sales

(1) Every wholesale produce dealer, having received any produce from a grower thereof for sale upon a commission basis, shall promptly make and keep a correct record showing in detail the following with reference to the handling, sale or storage of the produce:

(a) Name and address of consignor.

(b) Date received and the amount thereof.

(c) Grade and condition upon arrival.

(d) Date of such sale for account of consignor. Such records shall be open to inspection by the State Department of Agriculture at any time.

(e) Price for which sold.

(f) An itemized statement of the charges to be paid by consignor in connection with the sale.

(g) Each consignment of produce shall be given a lot number or other identifying mark. The number or mark shall appear on all sales tags and on any other essential records needed to show what the produce actually sold for.

(h) A detailed statement shall be kept on file of the filing of any claim or claims which have been or may be filed by such person selling on commission, against any person, for overcharges or for damages resulting from the injury or deterioration of such produce by the act or neglect or failure of such person. Such records shall be open to inspection by the department and by the consignor of produce for whom such claim or claims are made.

(2) Every wholesale produce dealer who sells produce on a commission basis shall retain a copy of all records, including sales tags, account sales, and other records covering each transaction, for a period of one year from the date of the transaction. The copy shall at all times be available for, and open to, the confidential inspection of the department and the interested consignor or any authorized representative of either.