2011 ORS § 585.010¹
Definitions for ORS 585.010 to 585.220

As used in ORS 585.010 (Definitions for ORS 585.010 to 585.220) to 585.220 (Department employee peace officer powers), unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) Cash buyer means any person who acts as a wholesale produce dealer and who, at the time of obtaining possession or control of any produce, pays the full agreed price in lawful money of the United States or by certified check, cashiers check or post-office money order.

(2) Department means the State Department of Agriculture.

(3) Grower means any person engaged in the business of growing or producing any produce and includes any cooperative organization composed exclusively of growers and handling exclusively the produce of its own members and operating under and by virtue of the laws of this state or of any other state or of the United States.

(4) Produce means fruits and vegetables, but it does not include fruits and vegetables purchased for the purpose of reselling them canned, dried, frozen or in other preserved or concentrated form or for manufacturing into a product or by-product in which the individuality of the individual specimens of such fruit and vegetables is lost, if such fruits and vegetables are actually so used. Produce does not include certified seed potatoes purchased for the purpose of reselling them for seed.

(5) Retail produce peddler means any person who sells or offers for sale or exposes for sale produce which the person has not grown or produced, from any vehicle at any dwelling house, restaurant, eating house, hotel or any other public or private place where food is prepared for consumption and not resold in its original form and condition, and any person who sells to or offers for sale to the general public any produce, which the person has not grown or produced, from a vehicle in any place within this state.

(6) Wholesale produce dealer means any person who deals in, handles or trades in produce and who does not operate exclusively as a grower, retailer or warehouseman; but this definition does not include any person who is a cash buyer. [Amended by 1959 c.64 §1; 1959 c.431 §1]