2013 ORS § 537.765¹
Log of constructing, altering, abandoning or converting well
  • furnishing samples to Water Resources Commission

(1) The business or activity of constructing new wells or altering, abandoning or converting existing wells is declared to be a business or activity affecting the public welfare, health and safety. In order to enable the state to protect the welfare, health and safety of its citizens, any person licensed under ORS 537.747 (Water well constructors license), or any person or public agency constructing, altering, abandoning or converting a well, shall keep a log of each well constructed, altered, abandoned or converted and shall furnish a certified copy of the log to the Water Resources Commission within 30 days after the completion of the construction, alteration, abandonment or conversion.

(2) The commission shall provide acknowledgment to the constructor of receipt of a well log submitted under subsection (1) of this section within 120 days of receipt.

(3) Each log required under subsection (1) of this section shall be in a form prescribed by the commission and shall show:

(a) The name and post-office address of the owner of the well and the person or public agency performing or causing the performance of the work of constructing, altering, abandoning or converting the well.

(b) The location of the well by county tax lot number, township, range and section, and to the nearest quarter-quarter section or latitude and longitude as established by a global positioning system, or with reference to government survey corners or monuments or corners of recorded plats.

(c) The dates of commencement and completion of the work of constructing, altering, abandoning or converting the well.

(d) The depth, diameter and type of the well.

(e) The kind and amount of the casing and where placed in the well, including the number and location of perforations or screens.

(f) The flow in cubic feet per second or gallons per minute of a flowing well, and the shut-in pressure in pounds per square inch.

(g) The static water level with reference to the land surface, and the drawdown with respect to the amount of water pumped per minute, when a pump test is made.

(h) The kind and nature of the material in each stratum penetrated, with at least one entry for each change of formation, and the thickness of aquifers.

(i) The temperature of the ground water encountered and other characteristics of the ground water in detail as required by the commission.

(4) If required by the commission, the person, public agency or licensee referred to in subsection (1) of this section shall furnish to the commission samples of the ground water and of each change of formation in containers furnished and transportation expense paid by the commission. [1955 c.708 §29; 1961 c.334 §11; 1981 c.416 §6; 1985 c.673 §70; 1993 c.774 §5; 1995 c.77 §1; 1999 c.293 §5]