2013 ORS § 537.445¹
Hearing upon proposal to cancel permit or appropriation
  • cancellation suspended pending review

(1) If the Water Resources Commission proposes to cancel a permit or appropriation under ORS 537.410 (Failure to commence or complete work, or to properly apply water, as grounds for cancellation of permit) to 537.450 (Rules for proof as to work and use of water under permits), opportunity for hearing shall be accorded as provided in ORS chapter 183.

(2) If a petition for review of an order canceling a permit or appropriation is filed under ORS 536.075 (Judicial review of final order of commission or department), the commission shall not cancel the permit or appropriation under ORS 537.440 (Cancellation of permit) until the petitioners right of review is exhausted and the order is finally approved. [1971 c.734 §82; 1985 c.673 §44]