2013 ORS § 526.640¹
General authority of institute

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute shall enhance and provide support for Oregons forest products industry. In achieving these objectives the institute may:

(1) Increase public understanding of the practice of forestry and the use and benefits of forest products.

(2) Support education and cooperative efforts among private forest landowners and within the forest products industry to:

(a) Practice good stewardship of the land, and protect water and other public resources to the maximum extent practicable;

(b) Encourage the conversion of underproductive rural lands to forest uses, and provide information to private landowners on the means to facilitate such conversions;

(c) Encourage, facilitate and assist private forest landowners to meet or exceed state and federal regulations governing forest operations;

(d) Evaluate and communicate to private forest landowners the stewardship responsibility expectations of the public; and

(e) In cooperation with the State Forestry Department, Oregon State University and other appropriate government or private entities, serve as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information to private forest landowners, through conferences, workshops and other means, about modern land management practices.

(3) Conduct research and help facilitate continued improvement in wood utilization and in secondary wood products manufacturing.

(4) Publish and sell publications and other materials relating to any program or function authorized by ORS 526.600 (Definitions for ORS 526.600 to 526.675) to 526.675 (Oregon Forest Resources Institute Fund). The institute may contract for the publication of the materials described in this subsection, including the research, design and writing of the materials. The contract may include, among other matters, provisions for advance payment or reimbursement for services performed under the contract. The price of such publications shall include the cost of publishing and distributing the materials. All moneys received by the institute from the sale of publications shall be deposited in the Oregon Forest Resources Institute Fund. [1991 c.949 §11; 1997 c.15 §1]