2013 ORS § 522.245¹
Department approval of plugging and decommissioning
  • report by operator
  • effect of failure to comply
  • proceedings against operator

(1) A representative of the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries may be present during any operation to plug and decommission a geothermal well. If the representative determines that the plugging and decommissioning is satisfactory, the representative shall approve the plugging and decommissioning of the well.

(2) Within 45 days after the completion of the plugging and decommissioning of any geothermal well, the operator of the well shall make a written report of all work done. Within 45 days after the receipt of the report, the department shall furnish the operator with a written final approval of the plugging and decommissioning or a written disapproval setting forth the conditions upon which the disapproval is based.

(3) Failure to plug and decommission in accordance with the approved method, failure to submit to the department any notice or report required by this chapter or failure to furnish the department with any required information shall constitute sufficient grounds for disapproval of the plugging and decommissioning and shall constitute unlawful abandonment of the well.

(4) When the department has issued a written disapproval of the plugging and decommissioning, the governing board of the department may proceed against the operator and the surety of the operator as provided for in ORS 522.145 (Bond or security) and may bring suit pursuant to ORS 522.810 (Suits to enjoin violations) or take any other enforcement or recovery action authorized by law. [1975 c.552 §19; 1981 c.694 §10; 2009 c.794 §21]