2011 ORS § 517.930¹
Department inspection

(1) Notwithstanding ORS 517.850 (Inspection of permit area), if the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries has reason to believe that the provisions of an operating permit are being violated or that a surface mining operation is being conducted without a valid operating permit, it may inspect such surface mining areas without prior notice.

(2) In addition to the departments authority to inspect under ORS 517.850 (Inspection of permit area) and subsection (1) of this section, for a chemical process mine operating under a permit issued under ORS 517.952 (Definitions for ORS 517.702 to 517.989) to 517.989 (Statutes and rules applicable to consolidated application), a cooperating agency also may inspect the mining operation to assure that the operator is complying with conditions imposed on the operating permit by the cooperating agency under ORS 517.982 (Final permits) (2). [1981 c.622 §7; 1991 c.735 §31; 2007 c.318 §22]