2013 ORS § 480.122¹
Use for repelling birds or animals allowed
  • permit
  • rules

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 480.120 (Sale, possession and use of fireworks prohibited) to 480.124 (Use for control of predatory animals allowed) and 480.130 (Permit for fireworks display) to 480.150 (Permits for fireworks sales or displays), an owner or lessee of property located outside of an incorporated city may purchase, maintain, use and explode fireworks on the owned or leased property for the purpose of scaring away or repelling birds or animals which are or may be injurious or destructive to forest or agricultural products or crops.

(2) Any person described in subsection (1) of this section desiring to use and explode fireworks to scare or repel birds or animals shall first secure a permit from the State Fire Marshal for that purpose. The State Fire Marshal, upon receipt of application for such permit, shall determine if the proposed purchase and use conforms to law and any rules or regulations promulgated by the office of the fire marshal. If the fire marshal finds that the applicant is qualified to use the fireworks and the proposed use is in accordance with the law and rules and regulations, the fire marshal shall issue a permit; otherwise the fire marshal shall refuse to issue it.

(3) Such permit may be revoked by the State Fire Marshal at any time fire marshal verifies there is a violation of the provisions of the permit or the rules and regulations under which it is issued.

(4) The State Fire Marshal is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations relating to the use of fireworks to scare or repel birds or animals which are injurious to or destructive to forest or agricultural crops or products. [1961 c.293 §2; 1987 c.158 §106]