2013 ORS § 477.777¹
Budget request required for fire insurance, fire suppression resources and assessment mitigation
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(1) As part of the preparation of the budget forms submitted to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services pursuant to ORS 291.208 (Filing budget forms with department) for the State Forestry Department, the State Forester shall prepare, in addition to any amounts budgeted for forest protection districts pursuant to ORS 477.205 (Definitions for ORS 477.205 to 477.281) to 477.281 (Limitation on obligation of landowner for fire protection), a budget request for a General Fund appropriation for the following purposes:

(a) Providing funds for the purchase of emergency fire suppression costs insurance under ORS 477.775 (Emergency fire suppression costs insurance).

(b) Acquiring and placing centrally managed fire suppression resources for statewide use.

(c) Acquiring fast-mobilizing, short-term contingency resources to be used based on predictions of severe fire weather, widespread lightning events or serious resource shortage due to a heavy fire season in this state, in the western region of the United States or nationally.

(d) Enhancing forest protection district resources in cases where land productivity or other economic factors seriously limit the ability of the forester to perform fire protection responsibilities.

(e) Mitigating forest patrol assessment rates in cases where land productivity or other economic factors seriously limit the ability of the owners of forestlands in the forest protection district to comply with ORS 477.210 (Duty of owner to protect forestland) (1).

(2) The State Forester shall utilize critical discretion in the expenditure of the funds provided to the State Forestry Department pursuant to the separate budget request required under subsection (1) of this section.

(3) The State Forester shall report to the Emergency Board, each year, after the close of the fire season, on:

(a) The nature and severity of the fire season;

(b) The moneys expended on fire suppression;

(c) The balance remaining from the biennial appropriation; and

(d) Any matters arising out of the fire season that may require attention or warrant future consideration by the board or the Legislative Assembly. [2005 c.802 §2; 2013 c.619 §4]