2013 ORS § 475.306¹
Medical use of marijuana
  • rules

(1) A person who possesses a registry identification card issued pursuant to ORS 475.309 (Registry identification card) may engage in, and a designated primary caregiver of such a person may assist in, the medical use of marijuana only as justified to mitigate the symptoms or effects of the persons debilitating medical condition.

(2) A person who is a registry identification cardholder must possess the registry identification card when using or transporting marijuana in a location other than the residence of the cardholder.

(3) The Oregon Health Authority shall define by rule when a marijuana plant is mature and when it is immature. The rule shall provide that a plant that has no flowers and that is less than 12 inches in height and less than 12 inches in diameter is a seedling or a start and is not a mature plant. [1999 c.4 §7; 2005 c.822 §2; 2009 c.595 §967]

Note: See note under 475.300 (Findings).