2013 ORS § 475.300¹

The people of the state of Oregon hereby find that:

(1) Patients and doctors have found marijuana to be an effective treatment for suffering caused by debilitating medical conditions, and therefore, marijuana should be treated like other medicines;

(2) Oregonians suffering from debilitating medical conditions should be allowed to use small amounts of marijuana without fear of civil or criminal penalties when their doctors advise that such use may provide a medical benefit to them and when other reasonable restrictions are met regarding that use;

(3) ORS 475.300 (Findings) to 475.346 (Short title) are intended to allow Oregonians with debilitating medical conditions who may benefit from the medical use of marijuana to be able to discuss freely with their doctors the possible risks and benefits of medical marijuana use and to have the benefit of their doctors professional advice; and

(4) ORS 475.300 (Findings) to 475.346 (Short title) are intended to make only those changes to existing Oregon laws that are necessary to protect patients and their doctors from criminal and civil penalties, and are not intended to change current civil and criminal laws governing the use of marijuana for nonmedical purposes. [1999 c.4 §2]

Note: 475.300 (Findings) to 475.346 (Short title) were enacted into law but were not added to or made a part of ORS chapter 475 or any series therein by law. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.