2015 ORS § 473.120¹
Collection of sums due state
  • remedies cumulative

(1) The Oregon Liquor Control Commission shall immediately transmit notice of the delinquency mentioned in ORS 473.100 (Seizure of property) to the Attorney General. The Attorney General shall at once proceed to collect all sums due to the state from the manufacturer under this chapter by bringing suit against the necessary parties to effect forfeiture of the bonds of the manufacturer, reducing any deficiency to judgment against the manufacturer.

(2) The remedies of the state provided in ORS 473.090 (Lien created by the tax) to 473.120 (Collection of sums due state) are cumulative and no action taken by the commission or Attorney General constitutes an election on the part of the state or any of its officers to pursue one remedy to the exclusion of any other remedy provided in this chapter.