2013 ORS § 469A.210¹
Goal for community-based renewable energy projects

The Legislative Assembly finds that community-based renewable energy projects, including but not limited to marine renewable energy resources that are either developed in accordance with the Territorial Sea Plan adopted pursuant to ORS 196.471 (Territorial Sea Plan review requirements) or located on structures adjacent to the coastal shorelands, are an essential element of Oregons energy future, and declares that it is the goal of the State of Oregon that by 2025 at least eight percent of Oregons retail electrical load comes from small-scale renewable energy projects with a generating capacity of 20 megawatts or less. All agencies of the executive department as defined in ORS 174.112 (Executive department defined) shall establish policies and procedures promoting the goal declared in this section. [2007 c.301 §24; 2010 c.68 §1]

Note: Sections 25 and 26, chapter 301, Oregon Laws 2007, provide:

Sec. 25. (1) The State Department of Energy shall periodically conduct a study to evaluate the impact of sections 1 to 24 of this 2007 Act [469A.005 (Definitions) to 469A.210 (Goal for community-based renewable energy projects)] on jobs in this state. The study shall assess the number of new jobs created in the renewable energy sector in this state and the average wage rates and the provision of health care and other benefits for those jobs. In addition, the study shall investigate the extent to which workforce training opportunities are being provided to employees to prepare the employees for jobs in the renewable energy sector.

(2) The department shall conduct the first study under this section not later than two years after the effective date of this 2007 Act [June 6, 2007]. [2007 c.301 §25]

Sec. 26. Section 25 of this 2007 Act is repealed January 2, 2026. [2007 c.301 §26]