2011 ORS § 468B.052¹
Fees for water quality permit to operate suction dredge

Notwithstanding the authority of the Environmental Quality Commission provided in ORS 468.065 (Issuance of permits) to establish a schedule of fees for permits issued under ORS 468B.050 (Water quality permit) and in lieu of any fee established under the schedule of fees, a person who operates a suction dredge having a suction hose with an inside diameter of eight inches or less shall, upon application for or renewal of a permit issued under 468B.050 (Water quality permit), pay to the Department of Environmental Quality:

(1) For an individual permit:

(a) A one-time application fee of $300; and

(b) An annual renewal fee of $25.

(2) For a general permit, either:

(a) A $25 annual fee for each year the person registers under the general permit; or

(b) A $100 fee for a five-year registration under the general permit. [2005 c.729 §3]