2013 ORS § 441.162¹
Written staffing plan for nursing services

(1) A hospital shall be responsible for the implementation of a written hospital-wide staffing plan for nursing services. The staffing plan shall be developed, monitored, evaluated and modified by a hospital staffing plan committee. To the extent possible, the committee shall:

(a) Include equal numbers of hospital nurse managers and direct care registered nurses;

(b) Include at least one direct care registered nurse from each hospital nurse specialty or unit, to be selected by direct care registered nurses from the particular specialty or unit. The hospital shall define its own specialties or units; and

(c) Have as its primary consideration the provision of safe patient care and an adequate nursing staff pursuant to ORS chapter 441.

(2) The hospital shall evaluate and monitor the staffing plan for effectiveness and revise the staffing plan as necessary as part of the hospitals quality assurance process. The hospital shall maintain written documentation of these quality assurance activities.

(3) The written staffing plan shall:

(a) Be based on an accurate description of individual and aggregate patient needs and requirements for nursing care and include a periodic quality evaluation process to determine whether the staffing plan is appropriately and accurately reflecting patient needs over time.

(b) Be based on the specialized qualifications and competencies of the nursing staff. The skill mix and the competency of the staff shall ensure that the nursing care needs of the patients are met and shall ensure patient safety.

(c) Be consistent with nationally recognized evidence-based standards and guidelines established by professional nursing specialty organizations and recognize differences in patient acuteness.

(d) Establish minimum numbers of nursing staff including licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants required on specified shifts. At least one registered nurse and one other nursing staff member must be on duty in a unit when a patient is present.

(e) Include a formal process for evaluating and initiating limitations on admission or diversion of patients to another acute care facility when, in the judgment of the direct care registered nurse, there is an inability to meet patient care needs or a risk of harm to existing and new patients.

(4) The hospital shall maintain and post a list of on-call nursing staff or staffing agencies to provide replacement for nursing staff in the event of vacancies. The list of on-call nurses or agencies must be sufficient to provide replacement staff.

(5)(a) An employer may not impose upon unionized nursing staff any changes in wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment pursuant to a staffing plan developed or modified under subsection (1) of this section unless the employer first provides notice to and, on request, bargains with the union as the exclusive collective bargaining representative of the nursing staff in the bargaining unit.

(b) A staffing plan developed or modified under subsection (1) of this section does not create, preempt or modify a collective bargaining agreement or require a union or employer to bargain over the staffing plan while a collective bargaining agreement is in effect. [2001 c.609 §2; 2005 c.665 §2]

Note: See note under 441.160 (Hospital defined for ORS 441.162 to 441.170).