2011 ORS § 441.113¹
Procedures to maintain confidentiality

The Long Term Care Ombudsman shall establish procedures to maintain the confidentiality of the records and files of residents of long term care facilities. These procedures must meet the following requirements:

(1) The ombudsman or designee shall not disclose, except to state agencies, the identity of any resident unless the complainant or the resident, or the legal representative of either, consents in writing to the disclosure and specifies to whom the disclosure may be made.

(2) The identity of any complainant or resident on whose behalf a complaint is made, or individual providing information on behalf of the resident or complainant, shall be confidential. If the complaint becomes the subject of judicial proceedings, the investigative information held by the ombudsman or designee shall be disclosed for the purpose of the proceedings if requested by the court. [1981 c.534 §5]