2013 ORS § 431.890¹
Poison Prevention Task Force
  • members
  • meetings
  • duties

(1) The Poison Prevention Task Force is created in the Poison Center of the Oregon Health and Science University and consists of five members as follows:

(a) The Medical Director of the Oregon Poison Center or designee, who shall serve as chairperson.

(b) The Director of the Oregon Health Authority or a designee.

(c) A pediatrician licensed under ORS chapter 677, appointed by the Governor.

(d) A chemist from an academic institution, appointed by the Governor.

(e) A representative of a manufacturer of toxic household products, appointed by the Governor.

(2) Each member shall serve without compensation.

(3) The task force shall meet as considered necessary by the chairperson or on the call of three members of the task force.

(4) The task force shall meet for the purposes of reviewing, granting or denying requests for exemptions from and extensions of the requirements of ORS 431.870 (Definitions for ORS 431.870 to 431.915) to 431.915 (Civil penalty for violation of ORS 431.870 to 431.915).

(5) The task force shall obtain and evaluate statewide poisoning incidence and severity data over a period of every two years for the purpose of making recommendations for the addition or deletion of products to ORS 431.885 (Toxic household products required to comply with aversive agent requirement). [1991 c.915 §5; 2009 c.595 §596]

Note: See note under 431.870 (Definitions for ORS 431.870 to 431.915).