2013 ORS § 419B.349¹
Court authority to review placement

Commitment of a child or ward to the Department of Human Services does not terminate the courts continuing jurisdiction to protect the rights of the child or ward or the child or wards parents or guardians. Notwithstanding ORS 419B.337 (Commitment to custody of Department of Human Services) (5), if upon review of a placement of a child or ward made by the department the court determines that the placement is not in the best interest of the child or ward, the court may direct the department to place the child or ward in the care of the child or wards parents, in foster care with a foster care provider who is a relative, in foster care with another foster care provider, in residential care, in group care or in some other specific type of residential placement, but unless otherwise required by law, the court may not direct a specific placement. The actual planning and placement of the child or ward is the responsibility of the department. Nothing in this section affects any contractual right of a private agency to refuse or terminate a placement. [1993 c.33 §112; 1997 c.497 §1; 1997 c.764 §1; 2003 c.396 §61; 2007 c.235 §1; 2007 c.806 §13]