2013 ORS § 412.124¹
Post-TANF aid to employed families
  • rules

(1) The Department of Human Services shall continue to provide aid to families residing in Oregon that become ineligible for temporary assistance for needy families under ORS 412.006 (Eligibility for aid) due to employment or increased hours of work.

(2) Families may receive aid under this section for 12 consecutive months or until the household income exceeds 250 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, whichever occurs first, as long as the caretaker relatives participate in combined employment and work activities for the number of hours required each month to satisfy federally required participation rates.

(3) If the needy caretaker relatives cease to participate in employment or suitable activities for a sufficient number of hours each month to satisfy federally required participation rates, the department shall determine eligibility under ORS 412.006 (Eligibility for aid) based upon information available to the department. If the department does not have sufficient information available to determine eligibility for aid under ORS 412.006 (Eligibility for aid), the department shall provide notice and an opportunity for hearing prior to terminating aid. The notice must state the information that the department lacks and that the caretaker relatives must provide to complete the determination for aid.

(4) The department by rule shall establish standards for aid provided under this section. The department must disregard such aid for purposes of publicly subsidized child care assistance.

(5) In addition to money payments, aid includes necessary support service payments and services as part of the job opportunity and basic skills program to directly or indirectly assist the family in achieving long term financial stability. [Formerly 418.155]

Note: Section 26, chapter 722, Oregon Laws 2013, provides:

Sec. 26. Notwithstanding ORS 412.124 (Post-TANF aid to employed families), for the biennium beginning July 1, 2013, the Department of Human Services may not provide aid described in ORS 412.124 (Post-TANF aid to employed families). [2013 c.722 §26]