2011 ORS § 411.670¹
Definitions for ORS 411.640, 411.670, 411.675 and 411.690

As used in this section and ORS 411.640 (Overpayments of public assistance), 411.675 (Submitting wrongful claim for payment) and 411.690 (Liability of person wrongfully receiving payment):

(1) Claims for payment includes bills, invoices, electronic transmissions and any other document requesting money in compensation for or reimbursement of needs which have been furnished to any public assistance recipient.

(2) Need means any type of care, service, commodity, shelter or living requirement.

(3) Person includes individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, governmental subdivisions and agencies and public and private organizations of any character. [1983 c.609 §2; 2011 c.720 §120]