2013 ORS § 406.120¹
Conservatorship Services Account
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(1) The Conservatorship Services Account is established as a separate account within the Oregon War Veterans Fund. The Conservatorship Services Account shall consist of all moneys received by the Department of Veterans Affairs as payment of claims arising under ORS 406.100 (Claims against estate by department when acting as conservator).

(2) The moneys in the Conservatorship Services Account are continuously appropriated to the department for payment of expenses incurred while serving as conservator under ORS 406.050 (Additional powers and duties of director or department) or personal representative under ORS 406.085 (Revolving account for department when acting as conservator or personal representative of estate of veteran).

(3) Moneys in the Conservatorship Services Account shall be held and set aside separately from the other moneys in the Oregon War Veterans Fund, but such account may be accounted for as part of the Oregon War Veterans Fund. [1989 c.932 §2; 2005 c.625 §13]