2013 ORS § 406.085¹
Revolving account for department when acting as conservator or personal representative of estate of veteran

The Conservatorship Revolving Account is created, separate and distinct from the General Fund, to provide for disbursement of funds for the beneficiary. Funds may also be disbursed from the Conservatorship Revolving Account to the Conservatorship Services Account in compensation for claims arising under ORS 406.100 (Claims against estate by department when acting as conservator). The Conservatorship Revolving Account shall consist of all money received by the Department of Veterans Affairs as conservator or personal representative herein. Disbursement from the account shall be made by the department. Interest earned by the account shall be credited to the account. [1965 c.374 §2; 1973 c.823 §128; 1987 c.425 §6; 1989 c.932 §3; 1989 c.966 §44; 2005 c.625 §10; 2007 c.218 §4]