2013 ORS § 376.765¹
Changing boundaries when assessments to be levied under ORS 376.735
  • notice
  • objections

(1) If assessments are to be levied as contemplated by ORS 376.735 (Contents of resolution when landowners to be paid for damages by assessments on benefited property), then at the hearing the legislative body may change the boundaries of the proposed district by adding thereto land which in its opinion will be benefited by the establishment of the pedestrian mall or by excluding from the district lands which in its opinion will not be so benefited. If the legislative body proposes any such change it shall take proceedings as required by this section and shall continue the hearing to the time fixed for hearing objections to the proposed change.

(2) No such change shall be made except after notice of intention to do so, given by at least one insertion in the newspaper in which the resolution of intention was published, describing the proposed change and specifying the time for hearing objections, which shall not be less than 30 days after publication of the notice. If the change proposed is one to include additional land in the district, a copy of such notice shall be mailed to each person to whom land proposed to be added is assessed as shown on the last equalized assessment roll, at the address of the person as shown on such roll, and to any person, whether owner in fee or having a lien upon, or legal or equitable interest in, any such lands whose name and address and a designation of the land in which the person is interested is on file in the office of the county clerk. Such notice shall be mailed at least 25 days prior to the time set for hearing objections.

(3) Written objection to any proposed changes may be filed with the city recorder at any time up to the hour fixed for hearing objections to such changes. [1961 c.666 §18]