2013 ORS § 353.210¹
  • members
  • duties

(1) The Oregon Health and Science University shall convene a physical access committee to identify barriers to access by persons with disabilities at the university. The committee shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) One or more students with disabilities or, if there are no students with disabilities willing to participate, a person with a disability who uses the universitys facilities;

(b) One or more members of the faculty or staff with disabilities;

(c) The coordinator of services for students with disabilities for the university;

(d) One or more administrators of the university; and

(e) One or more members of the physical plant staff of the university.

(2) The physical access committee shall present its findings and recommendations to the administration of the university, listing access needs and priorities for meeting those needs. These findings and recommendations shall identify the barriers to access that prevent persons with disabilities from meaningfully utilizing campus facilities related to instruction, academic support, assembly and residence life.

(3) In preparing budget requests for each biennium, the university shall include amounts for capital improvement that will be applied to the substantial reduction and eventual elimination of barriers to access by persons with disabilities as identified by the physical access committee.

(4) Nothing in this section and ORS 185.155 (Monitoring of progress of institutions of higher education and colleges in eliminating barriers to access) and 341.937 (Capital improvements for access for persons with disabilities) requires the university to undertake projects for accessibility that are not otherwise required unless such projects are funded specifically by the Legislative Assembly. [1995 c.162 §29; 2007 c.70 §150]