2011 ORS § 352.740¹
Computation of payments under contracts

Payments to private and independent institutions of higher education under contracts entered into under ORS 352.730 (Contracts with independent institutions for nonsectarian and nonreligious educational services) shall be determined by the Oregon Student Access Commission on a uniform rate for every 45 quarter hours, or equivalent, of approved and registered course work in nonsectarian subjects completed by undergraduate students enrolled in the institutions who are residents of Oregon, and shall not exceed the actual cost to the institution of providing such educational services. This uniform rate shall apply to the estimated 45-hour units for each institution upon which the legislative appropriation is based for that year, or the actual 45-hour units for each institution, whichever is the lesser. Any remaining funds shall be distributed among those institutions whose actual 45-hour units exceed the estimate. The distribution to each institution shall be according to the uniform rate established for the 45-hour units or an amount equal to the ratio that the excess units bear to 45. However, if insufficient funds are available for such a distribution, then the distribution shall be according to the ratio that the total number of 45-hour units in excess of the estimate bears to the total amount of funds remaining undistributed, multiplied by the number of excess 45-hour units, if any, at each institution. [1971 c.693 §4; 1973 c.815 §5; 1977 c.768 §1; 2011 c.637 §255]