2013 ORS § 352.049¹
(Title not available: statute has been repealed or renumbered.)

Program objectives; fees; employees. (1) In fulfilling the purpose described in ORS 352.048, the Industrialized Housing Development Program shall:

(a) Emphasize client-directed problem solving with the planning and design of appropriate design technologies;

(b) Provide or arrange for the provision of management assistance, specialized training for workers and other consulting services;

(c) Supplement the design skills and expertise of program staff by developing relations with experts who may work in a consulting role;

(d) Research new and developing design technology in the United States and overseas with the purpose of adapting proven technologies and management practices to Oregon conditions; and

(e) Disseminate research findings to all interested firms throughout the industrialized housing industry.

(2) The Industrialized Housing Development Program shall establish a schedule of fees for the services it provides. The program may establish a minimum level of service for which it does not charge fees.

(3) The Industrialized Housing Development Program may hire individuals on a contract basis, to provide either full-time or part-time staffing. However, employees of the program shall not be considered tenured employees of the Oregon University System.

Note: See note under 352.048.