2013 ORS § 351.353¹
Construction of parking facilities
  • bonds

(1) The State Board of Higher Education may undertake the construction of an off-street motor vehicle parking facility in Portland, Oregon, for higher education pursuant to Article XI-F(1), Oregon Constitution, ORS 351.160 (Construction and acquisition of buildings and structures) to 351.190 (Acquisition of land for building purposes), 351.350 (Bond issue for self-liquidating higher education purposes) to 351.460 (Account for payment of principal and interest of Article XI-F(1) and Article XI-G bonds and financial agreements) and 351.505 (Federal aid). The parking facility shall be for the use of the students and staff members of the board. The board shall establish the rates, charges and fees for use of the parking facility in accordance with the provisions of ORS 351.170 (Charges for use of buildings, structures and projects).

(2) Bonds may be sold to finance the facility described in this section, in an amount authorized and under the conditions prescribed by ORS 351.350 (Bond issue for self-liquidating higher education purposes). [1963 c.573 §2; 1967 c.67 §18; 1981 c.660 §26; 1991 c.220 §9]