2011 ORS § 351.160¹
Construction and acquisition of buildings and structures

(1) The State Board of Higher Education may undertake the construction of any building or structure for higher education when the board conservatively estimates that the Oregon University System will have sufficient revenues to pay the operating costs and any indebtedness for the building or structure. For purposes of this section, revenues includes all funds available to the board except amounts appropriated by the Legislative Assembly from the General Fund. The board may enter into contracts for the acquisition, erection, improvement, repair, equipping and furnishing of buildings and structures for dormitories, housing, boarding, off-street motor vehicle parking facilities and other purposes for higher education pursuant to Article XI-F(1) of the Oregon Constitution, ORS 351.160 (Construction and acquisition of buildings and structures) to 351.190 (Acquisition of land for building purposes), 351.350 (Bond issue for self-liquidating higher education purposes) to 351.460 (Account for payment of principal and interest of Article XI-F(1) and Article XI-G bonds and financial agreements) and 351.505 (Federal aid).

(2) The board may also undertake the acquisition or construction of those buildings and structures that the Legislative Assembly has determined will benefit higher education institutions or activities, and may enter into contracts with persons, firms or corporations for the acquisition, erection, improvement, repair, equipping and furnishing of such buildings and structures pursuant to Article XI-G of the Oregon Constitution and ORS 351.345 (Bond issue for higher education and community college projects). [Amended by 1963 c.573 §5; 1963 c.584 §2; 1991 c.220 §8; 2011 c.2 §9]