2015 ORS § 291.336¹
Appropriation bills requiring approval of board before project commenced or contract let
  • how requirement met

(1) As used in this section, appropriation bill means a legislative Act which appropriates money or authorizes the expenditure of dedicated or continuously appropriated moneys or otherwise makes moneys available for expenditure.

(2) In all cases where an appropriation bill heretofore or hereafter passed provides that a state agency shall not commence any project or allow any contract to be let for any project without having the approval of the Emergency Board, such requirement may be met:

(a) During any period when the Legislative Assembly is in session, by the adoption of a resolution by each house approving the proposed action; or

(b) During any period when the Legislative Assembly is not in session, either by approval of the Emergency Board as provided in the appropriation bill, or by the elapse of 45 days without adverse action of the Emergency Board after notice of the proposed action has been given to each member of the Emergency Board at the last-known address of the member. [1957 c.382 §1]