2013 ORS § 285C.080¹
Limitation on number of zones

(1) As provided in ORS 285C.065 (Application for designation as enterprise zone) and 285C.075 (Review of application by department), the Director of the Oregon Business Development Department may approve the designation of:

(a) Up to 20 areas as rural enterprise zones; and

(b) Up to 15 areas as urban or rural enterprise zones.

(2) Areas designated as enterprise zones under this section are in addition to the 30 areas designated or redesignated as enterprise zones by order of the Governor under ORS 284.160 (1987 Replacement Part) before October 3, 1989, areas redesignated under ORS 285C.250 (Designation of new zone following zone termination), areas designated under ORS 285C.085 (Federal enterprise zones) and areas designated under ORS 285C.306 (Reservation enterprise zones and reservation partnership zones). [Formerly 285B.653; 2005 c.704 §§2,2a; 2012 c.71 §1]