2013 ORS § 247.563¹
Notice to elector whose registration appears invalid
  • contents
  • effect of notice
  • exceptions

(1) Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section and ORS 247.555 (Cancellation of registration), whenever it appears to the county clerk that an elector needs to update the electors registration or that the elector has changed residence address to another county, the county clerk shall mail a notice to the elector.

(2) The notice shall be sent by forwardable mail and shall include a postage prepaid, preaddressed return card on which the elector may state the electors current residence and mailing address. The notice shall advise the elector that:

(a) The elector should return the card promptly;

(b) If the card is not returned by the 21st calendar day immediately preceding an election, the elector may be required to complete a new registration card in order to vote in an election; and

(c) The electors registration will be canceled if the elector neither votes nor updates the registration before two general elections have been held.

(3) When the county clerk mails a notice under this section, the registration of the elector shall be considered inactive until the elector updates the registration, the registration is canceled or the clerk determines that the registration should be considered active.

(4) This section does not apply when the county clerk receives written evidence from the elector or another county clerk indicating a change of residence or mailing address or from the United States Postal Service indicating a change of residence address and the registration of the elector is automatically updated by the county clerk under any provision of this chapter. [1993 c.713 §25; 1999 c.410 §19; 2001 c.965 §45; 2007 c.881 §7]