2011 ORS § 21.135¹
Standard filing fee

(1) Unless a specific fee is provided by other law for a proceeding, a circuit court shall collect a filing fee of $240 when a complaint or other document is filed for the purpose of commencing an action or other civil proceeding and when an answer or other first appearance is filed in the proceeding.

(2) The filing fee established by this section applies to:

(a) Proceedings in which only equitable remedies are sought.

(b) Appeals from a conviction of a violation in justice or municipal courts as provided in ORS 21.285 (Fees payable in appeals from justice courts and municipal courts).

(c) Interpleader actions.

(d) Adoptions under ORS chapter 109.

(e) Actions relating to a trust.

(f) Proceedings for judicial review of an agency order.

(g) Declaratory judgment actions.

(h) Any other action or proceeding that is statutorily made subject to the fee established by this section and any other civil proceeding for which a specific filing fee is not provided. [2011 c.595 §8]