2011 ORS § 194.162¹
Misrepresentation of notarial powers
  • notice of notarial powers and fees

(1) A notary public may select notarial certificates pursuant to ORS 194.005 (Definitions for ORS 194.005 to 194.200) to 194.200 (Action for damages or injunction for violation of ORS 194.166) and 194.505 (Definitions for ORS 194.005 to 194.200 and 194.505 to 194.595) to 194.595 (Short title).

(2) A notary may not make representations to have powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary does not have including the power to counsel on immigration matters.

(3) A notary who is not licensed to practice law in this state and who advertises notarial services in a language other than English shall include in the advertisement, notice or sign, in the same language and in English, the following:

(a) A statement, prominently displayed: I am not licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon and I am not permitted to give legal advice on immigration or other legal matters or accept fees for legal advice.; and

(b) The fees for notarial acts specified under ORS 194.164 (Fees for notarial acts).

(4) The notary shall post the notice required under subsection (3) of this section in a conspicuous place in the notarys place of business.

(5) A person may not use the term notario publico or any equivalent non-English term, in any business card, advertisement, notice, sign or in any other manner that misrepresents the authority of a notary public. [1989 c.976 §23]