2013 ORS § 181.066¹
Department responsible for criminal identification information

The Department of State Police shall:

(1) Install and maintain systems for filing and retrieving fingerprint data and supplemental information submitted by criminal justice agencies for the identification of criminal offenders as the Superintendent of State Police deems necessary;

(2) Employ its fingerprint record file as a basis for identifying individuals and provide criminal offender information to criminal justice agencies in the performance of the agencies official duties;

(3) Provide information to persons and agencies as provided in ORS 181.555 (Establishment of procedures for access to criminal record information) and 181.560 (Procedure when information requested by other than criminal justice agency); and

(4) Undertake other projects as necessary or appropriate to the speedy collection and dissemination of information relating to crimes and criminals. [1975 c.548 §3 (enacted in lieu of 181.065); 1975 c.605 §11a; 1981 c.905 §2; 2011 c.547 §4]